1947 Olive Ann


For many pilots, the venerable Beechcraft Bonanza represents the ultimate piston single. From its first appearance in 1947 as a smallish, all-metal four-seater with a distinctive, futuristic-looking V-tail, the airplane has been a leader in style, speed, handling qualities, and sales. Over the years, the Bonanza has grown in size, engine power, and model designations, always preserving its well-earned niche. Bigger than competing Mooneys, faster than competing Pipers, with great fit and finish and plush, tasteful interiors, it seems that the Bonanza’s designers have simply gotten it right from day one.

Super soft feel, vintage look.

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The longest production aircraft of all time, the Beechcraft Bonanza. Created by Walter and Olive Ann Beech, Olive Ann went on to create one of the strongest aviation companies after Walter died in 1950.

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